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Gregory Nagel

Greg Nagel is a freelance beer, beverage and travel writer based in the heart of historic Anaheim, CA.



Favorite Cocktails! South Coast Plaza Turns 50

When South Coast Plaza opened in 1967, the cocktail scene was fashionably Tiki, mixed with classic martinis, shaken, not stirred. Toasting the last fifty years has never been more lively, as modern classic cocktails in the Metro area seem to travel the globe with influence. Whether you’re at happy hour with friends before a show, celebrating a special night out, or just need a break while shopping, the current cocktail canvas is vibrant with options. So belly up to a bar, grab one of these fantastic drinks, and cheers to another South Coast fifty.
Taste Magazine Spring 2017 Link to Story

City Of Anaheim Has Quietly Became The Hottest Craft Brew City In The Nation

Wrote and produced video for this series, as well as the blog. When you say the word “Anaheim” a few things come to mind: theme parks, professional sports, or perhaps the biggest convention center on the west coast. However, behind all this hustle and bustle lies another industry that predates them all: beer. Orange County’s oldest city was founded by a group of German poets, artists, and vintners back in 1857. Link to Story

Beercation Destination: San Diego

In San Diego, if you were to visit 10 breweries a day for a solid month, you still wouldn’t have seen them all, as surely five new would have opened up in that short time. Simply driving around the vast county, you’re just as likely to smell beer being brewed as you are to inhale the intoxicating scents of the Pacific Ocean. Link to Story

Purchasing Malt Handling Equipment for Your Brewery

Key questions to ask before buying to save your brewery time and money. Choosing malt handling equipment can be a lot like a married couple buying their first car. “New or used?”. , “will my family be expanding soon?”. , and “how fast will it go?”. are some questions they might ask. When planning a brewery, getting proper grain handling equipment that fully meets your needs can either be a bane or boon of your existence.
The Equipped Brewer Link to Story

Beer! Your Guide to Brews in O.C. | June 2015

(Cover Story) Craft Beer! The Breeding Ground The now-notorious Disneyland measles epidemic infected more than just 145 people in seven states. The animosity it generated spread quickly to local playgroups, schools, and doctor’s offices—making Orange County the national battleground in a war most people thought already was won.
Orange Coast Link to Story

The Fest Inside the Fest | GABF’s Farm to Table Pavilion (Now “PAIRED”)

Within three hours of flying into Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, I witnessed someone nearly choke to death. “Don’t fucking give him the heimlich! He’s taking in air!”. yells travel buddy/media compadre John Holzer at the bar. The hostess speed dials 9-1-1 as the poor bastard horks air, bent over like a jackknife.
OC Beer Blog Link to Story

The 57 Beerway

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Where Orange County Magazine Winter 2015 Link to Story

Adam David, Firestone Walker

I have a bit of a confession. I didn’t always like Firestone Walker beers. There, I said it. Around five years ago, I watched their medal count at the GABF and World Beer Cup grow. I’d grab a six pack from whatever big box store in Orange County sold their beer. I’d pour a glass, then shrug. “Is my palate flawed?”.
WestCoaster Socal Link to Story

Good Beer Company brings local beer to downtown Santa Ana Link to Story

The 16 best bars in the North OC

And because we're awesome, we divided the thing by neighborhood (in North OC, because really once you go further South, aren't you in, like, San Diego already?). With 125 brown spirits and 24 taps of craft beer, you're probably not going to be able to do any actual hopscotch after leaving this place.
Thrillist Link to Story

Valiant Goes Big With California Quad IPA

Upon one sip of Valiant Brewing’s Quad IPA Alpha Overdrive, I’m pretty sure I reached a higher level of cosmic consciousness. Incense quickly filled the room, a third eye opened up inside my glass and I’m pretty sure brewer/owner Brian Schroepfer started to charm a cobra out of a mash tun with a pungi flute. Link to Story

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (at GABF)

Article originally published Winter 2013 West Coaster Socal – changed slightly. Congratulations! You’re giving birth to your first GABF! What’s that? You’re not pregnant? That’s just your natural beer belly? Ermagerd…so embersed. . Here’s a look at what to expect in the delivery room, as you will surely look pregnant after a week in Denver.
WestCoaster Socal Link to Story


Gregory Nagel

Gregory Nagel’s thirst for beer and cocktail knowledge is often conquered by homebrewing and seeking out the freshest experiences the world has to offer. When not furiously typing about beverages in his fortress of solitude, he can be found strumming an old guitar or playing with his strange collection of vintage Russian film cameras. Greg is the founder and sole contributor at, podcaster with FourBrewers and creator of Firkfest, a cask beer festival in Orange County, Calif.

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